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Maharani Kalyani College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga
महारानी कल्याणी कॉलेज, लहेरियासराय, दरभंगा

(A Constituent Unit of Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga)

    Best Practices

Promotion of teaching, learning, and evaluation and research activities through computer-aided methods. Goal of practice is to promote teaching, learning,evaluation and research activities to provide uninterrupted assistance to students in different situations,especially in emergency situation. Providing an informative, interesting, technological and comfortable learning space is the main goal of this initiative.

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  • The Context Computer aided methods help a teacher to present his or her knowledge in a simple and interesting manner with clarity. Teachers can remain always connected with the students through computer aided methods. Research activities achieve excellence by the use of computer aided methods.

  • II
  • The Practice All students and faculty members of the institution have been registered to Google meet so that they can maintain efficient interaction. Teachers have uploaded their video lectures to college website to make them accessible to students as and when required. During the pandemic situation due to sudden outbreak of COVID-19, teachers have continued their mentoring process through questionnaire and providing necessary suggestions to students through e-mails. The use of computer-aided methods had enriched the teaching-learning and evaluation process and hence has considerably increased the success ratio of students in university examinations. Lack of funds to implement online teaching -learning process on a wider scale is the major issue. Lack of technological support restricts the full-fledged online mode of education. But events like exhibitions, sports, are always scheduled in December-January when the weather is perfect for the organisation of such programmes. These not only help in distressing but also promote cohesion among the stakeholders. The practice helps in cultivating the team spirit and unity among the students. Failure and success is faced collectively by the students. The practice of working in teams helps in formation of groups representing the college elsewhere. As a result, hardly any problems are faced in forming teams for curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Organizational skills acquired at a smaller level yield important fruit at events requiring exercise of these skills on a much larger scale.